Acolyte Receives Her First Taste Of Brutal Sex

Since you managed to find this site, I'm going to assume that you are a fan of rough sex. You know, the kind of hot, hardcore action that leaves you sore and sometimes very fucking messy. The kind of fucking that you really have to be into in order to really enjoy it. In other words, the kind of screwing that you can find on sites such as Sexually Broken. Take a moment out of your busy day and take a look at this gallery with me. What do you see? I know what I see. I see a gorgeous woman who is about to be taken on the sexual journey of her life. Her limits are going to be tested—for better or for worse. In this scene, she is blindfolded and gagged with a big fucking cock while another guy uses an extreme vibrator on her pussy. Then she is treated to her fist black dick while she is being further stimulated. Will she stand up to this brutal fucking? If you want to find out, then you are just going to have to visit the site from which this came. Click the link for even more content. - check the whole gallery here!

Black Babe Is Tied Up And Fucked

Are you ready to see another initiate into the world of bondage porn? If you said yes, then let me show you yet another gallery I got from Sexually Broken. A set of pics that feature a gorgeous black babe with caramel skin and an appetite for being a slave. Today, she is going to have her limits tested to their breaking point. The first thing that happens to her is she is tied up in an intricate set of Japanese rope knots. Then she is placed upon a bed that is strategically located in the middle of the dungeon. It is on this bed that she's get the fucking of her life. A much harder screwing than even what she is used to getting. First off, she is penetrated by two cocks at the same end. A big, throbbing black cock is shoved down her throat and a rock hard white cock is shoved into her shaven snatch. They then take turns exploring her holes. They both fuck her up the ass and they both also fuck her pussy. And then, just when you think they're done, they take a huge vibrator and make her climax again and again. - check the whole gallery here!

This Slave Porn Blurs The Line Between Pleasure And Pain

This busty white bitch has always wanted to try her hand at BDSM porn. Today she is going to get her chance. When she asked to enter the dungeon of Sexually Broken she was informed of everything that might happen to her once she arrived. She consented anyway. Let's see how that turned out for her. This big titty babe has her safe word and she can use it at anytime to end her seemingly never-ending ravaging, but she never uses it once. She just takes the pounding like a big girl and her cries of pleasure and cries of pain are nearly indistinguishable from each other. She has entered what we would like to call the zone. First, she is given the treatment every submissive receives in the pit. She gets gagged with a white cock and then by a black one. After that, her holes are explored in some of the hardest and fastest fucking you'll ever see. And that is followed up by the now infamous vibrator. A device that blurs the line between pleasure and pain. Does she want to cum again or does she want it to stop? Only she knows for sure. - check the whole gallery here!

Hot Woman Ridden By Both Her Mistress And Her Master

Today, we are going to try a little slave sex of a different sort. Instead of two guys fucking one gal, we are going to show one gal being fucked by another woman and a man. Yes, this is just another fabulous porn scene we got off of Sexually Broken. A site that you should definitely check out—after you check out this gallery first, of course. This scene starts off with a beautiful babe getting her tits bound in ropes. A little breast bondage. Then she placed in the stocks. At first, she is fucked by her black mistress using a strapon. Then she is fucked by a white cock. Then the two of them—the Ebony babe and the white guy—gang up on her and fuck her silly. It doesn't end there, however. The action continues in a myriad of different ways. This chick has her face ridden and gets all of her holes penetrated. She is even fucked by a huge flashlight. By the time she emerges from the stocks, she barely knows who she is or where she came from. It is a sexual journey that I am sure she'll never forget. - check the whole gallery here!

Plump Babe Gets Fucked During Punishment Sex

Have you enjoyed the submission porn from Sexually Broken so far? Good, I knew you would. I also knew that you would come back today for another heart thumping new porn gallery. A scene that should elevate your heart rate quite nicely. Don't believe me? Then take a few moments to take a look for yourself—if you dare. This picture gallery starts off with a quite healthy subject. A beautiful babe who might have a few pounds of extra weight, especially in the ass, but is the still the perfect subject for what is going to happen today. She is going to have her head placed in a box, her legs shackled to the bed and her arms tied to a wood bar. Then when she is secure, she is going to get the fucking of her life. She then gets fucked over and over again. She really gets pounded hard. These two cocks spread her pussy wide and try to push themselves right into her stomach. And she doesn't know who is fucking her because her head is in that damn box. When they are done with her, they then pull out the vibrator and finish her off. - check the whole gallery here!

A Fucking Machine, Cock Gagging And A Fisting

I hope that you have enjoyed the picture galleries from Sexually Broken so far. I sure have enjoyed showing them to you. It's been a lot of fun watching the rope bondage and all of the extreme sex I've posted. However, I think I'm going to change gears a bit and try something else. Something that involves more complicated machinery. Today, we meet a beautiful girl who is going to be fucked by both man and machine. She is going to be tied down to a bench and her nipples are going to be attached to clamps that pull on them; all the while her master shoves his cock down her throat and the fucking machine tears up her pussy. And as if this guy's cock down her throat and this robot's dick up her pussy isn't enough, she gets another layer of fucking. Her mistress walks in and decides to finish things up by turning off the device and fisting her long and hard. Right at about the same time her master finishes fucking her mouth, pulls out and shoots a load of cum all over her face. Wow, I think she had one hell of a day. Don't you? - check the whole gallery here!

Sometimes Bondage Involves A Lot Of Pain

I got some more Sexually Broken pics. Some that I think you'll really enjoy. In fact, I don't just think it—I fucking know it. That's because they feature a beautiful redhead who decides she wants to sign up for some rope bondage but probably ended up biting off more than she could chew. The first thing that happens to her is she has her hands tied behind her back and she is forced to her knees in front of her master. Then while she is in this very uncomfortable position, she is forced to suck on his cock. Not just suck it either. But to force it all the way down her throat until she is just about ready to puke. In other words, she has to gag on it. After that, she is placed on a wooden sawhorse. It is in this position that she is fucked long and hard. Then she is bent over a wood table and is savagely fucked from behind. It is only after she has survived her ordeal that she can sit back, smile and enjoy having made it out of the dungeon. - check the whole gallery here!

This Girl Is No Longer A Daddy's Girl After This Bondage Scene

Are you in the mood today for a little metal bondage from Sexually Broken? If you are, then feel free to enjoy these fucking pics. It features a girl who is going to go through the gauntlet of this dungeon and she is going to emerge a better person on the other side. She is going to be rebuilt from the bottom up. Even though the tattoo above her pussy says “daddy's girl” I think it should be changed after her stint in the dungeon. That is because she is going to end up belonging to her masters. And her masters are pretty damn jealous. Watch as they punish her over and over again. They start things off by placing her in a straight jacket and placing a ball gag in her mouth. Then she is fucked in a hundred different ways. She's banged doggy style and missionary style and is penetrated by a huge dildo and then a vibrator. And then, when she is about to collapse from exhaustion, she is fucked once again. It was quite a challenge for her but she does indeed make it through the gauntlet and comes out the other side unscathed. - check the whole gallery here!

Hardcore Bondage Sex With A Unique Twist

Those of you who love rough sex that is executed in a very unique manner is going to love these pics. Because this fucking is not only brutal but it is also very unusual. It starts off with a modified St.Andrew's cross and a Sybian. Wow, what an adventure this turns out to be. They found this beautiful black girl who was ready to be taken through her sexual paces. A chick who was brave enough to be put through the harsh punishments of the dungeon. A babe with loads of confidence in her sexual endurance and isn't afraid of the unknown. She was then placed on this fucking machine while her hands and head were tied to this cross. Then the dungeon's master came in and stuck his rock hard cock down her throat—until she started gagging. Then he blows his load deep down her throat, which she ends up regurgitating all over herself. If that's not a unique and brutal fucking—then I don't know what is. And I doubt there would be many women who could endure this and still come out on the other end smiling. This Ebony babe sure was a trooper. - check the whole gallery here!

A Busty Babe And Her Brutal Blowjobs

When a busty and beautiful babe like the one in these pics shows up at your dungeon, then you really want to treat her to some bondage sex. Especially when you find out that she looks as good as this babe does when she's nude and in high heels. Which is probably why they signed her up for this porn shoot in the first place. In this great scene, this busty and very gorgeous babe gets put through her paces over and over again. Her hands are tied to a beam as she stands there bent at the waist. She is then fucked every single way possible. Her two masters take turns fucking her from behind and then she is forced to suck on their cocks. Sucking on their cocks is a nice way to put it. She actually gags on them; over and over again. They gag her so much with their persistent dicks, that she actually throws up in front of her saw horse. Now that's one hell of a brutal blowjob. Yet, at the end of the scene she is seen happy as can be and smiling from ear to ear. - check the whole gallery here!

Daisy Ducati In XXX Bondage Sex Scene

I love punishment sex a lot. Especially when the girl that performs in it is as hot as the girl in these pics. I mean, have you taken a good look at her? She's fucking gorgeous. The kind of girl I would love to have on my St. Andrew's Cross or on my work bench. She's about 5'3'' tall, has beautiful black skin and she died her hair a funky red color. And on top of that, she has a nice pair of tits and an ass that's made to be spanked and/or fucked. She's a hotty and that's for sure. Today, she's going to be really put through her paces too. She is going to be fucked so long and so hard, she's not going to know whether she is coming or going. She is going to be treated like a whore and fucked for everything she's worth. The first thing that's going to happen to her is she's going to be gagged with several different cocks—again and again. Then she is going to be fucked by these very same pricks. And as if that wasn't enough, then she is also going to get fisted and creampied. - check the whole gallery here!

Chubby Girl In XXX Slave Porn

If you love seeing a chubby girl fucked in some hardcore slave porn action, then you'll probably want to check out these pics. That is because that is exactly what you'll find in these pictures. You see an all American girl banged out by her two masters. A chick who's a little think and a little naive. Watch what she has to do when she enters this dungeon. See what she has to endure. Does she have the endurance to make it out of this dungeon unscathed? Can she perform up to her master's satisfaction? Only these photos will tell that story, so you better start looking for your clues. Once they get he down into the dungeon, they place a blindfold on her and strap her to a wood bar. They then begin to take her on their sexual journey. One guy—the white one—shoves his dick down her throat until she gags. The other one—the black guy—shoves his cock right up her pussy. They then rock her again and again. By the end of the scene, she is messy, tired and all so sore. However, she still has a smile on her face. - check the whole gallery here!

Cute Girl Turned Into Human Rotisserie

Here's a beautiful girl that's treated to a very special punishment in this BDSM porn. She is escorted down to the dungeon and her head is securely ensconced in a vice. One that looks like the old fashioned stocks they used to place criminals in. Except this one can't be moved and it keeps her head completely immobile. Once they have her exactly where they want her, they then treat her to the skull fucking of her life. They take turns shoving their cocks into her mouth and way down her throat. And when I say way down her throat, I mean all the way down. So far, in fact, that she gags and almost vomits every single time. Skull fucking isn't the only thing they have planned for this girl, however. They also fuck her from both ends. They pretty much turn her into a rotisserie spit. Either guy are the holding rods and she is the piece of meat—except that she doesn't rotate on her axis. Which is a shame, because that would have really cranked the action up by a whole hell of a lot. Wouldn't you agree? - check the whole gallery here!

Sexy Babe Goes Through A Sexual Gauntlet

Here is some bondage porn that combines a number of different things. It combines breast bondage, gagging, forced masturbation, hanging and a number of other things. It's a fucking trip that you really should check out. Especially if you like this kind of XXX action. I don't know who the girls in these pics are, but I do know that she really runs the gauntlet. She has to do a whole lot of things in this particular dungeon. So many in fact that I don't know how she made it through. Certainly, the limits of her endurance were tested by this scene. After tying up her tits and binding her hands, she tied to the wall with her hands behind her. She is then treated to some brutal blow jobs. A cock is placed so far down her throat that she just about vomits and this is repeated again and again. Then she is fucked, ball gagged and creampied. When that is over, she is then masturbated until she is begging for it to stop. Which is then does. Wow, that was one hell of a journey for her—wasn't it? - check the whole gallery here!

Novice Gets Her Bondage Cherry Popped Hard

Here is one more intense slave sex for you. A scene that should really get your heart pumping. It features a lovely lady who is really quite a novice to all of this bondage porn stuff. So much so, that she has never even see a video or a picture gallery containing this sort of content. Which is pretty surprising. However, she decides she wants to try it out anyway and that is exactly what she does in this gallery. Watch her get her BDSM cherry popped. And how it's popped. This busty bombshell has to go through a whole lot before she can say she's finished with this dungeon. She has to be gagged by multiple cocks, fucked in all of her holes, restrained and used as a cum dumpster. You know, just the normal stuff. If you enjoyed this gallery or any of the other ones on this blog, then feel free to visit our sponsor. The site from which all of this great content comes from. However, on their site they don't just have pics—they also have high quality movies that you are going to want to watch. Why not check out and see if they have what you want. What do you have to lose? - check the whole gallery here!
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