Sexually Broken
About us
There are a few things that I know about sex. It should be rough, hardcore and involve a submissive and a dominant. I also think my porn should follow in the same vein. It should involve plenty of bondage, BDSM and slave porn. That is my opinion and I stand by it with a vengeance.

However, finding that type of porn hasn't always been easy. It also seems to be watered down in some way. Which is why I was delighted to find the extreme bondage on Sexually Broken. It inspired me so much, I had to found this blog.

While this site is up, I will do my best to expose you to the gritty, XXX world of BDSM. I will search for the best pictures and maybe even videos. Grab my hand and let's travel down into the dungeon together. Don't worry, it's not as scary as you think it is.
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